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Our Bread

We believe in making quality, delicious bread with care.

Our ethos has no room for fast methods and cheap ingredients.

Each batch takes over 20 hours from start to finish. Every stage is done by hand and helped by natural processes.

Our natural leaven starter (a fermentation process) is produced by nature’s team of yeast and friendly bacteria activated and developed by us over a number of years; it gives the unique flavour of our tasty loaf. Similar fermentation occurs in many of the foods we find healthy and easier to digest, such as yogurt, aged meats, tea and so on. We gently work with the dough over a number of hours while the leaven works its magic through fermentation.

The next stage is the proving process done in cane and linen bannetons at controlled temperatures. This further enhances the flavours and the ongoing fermentation is believed to increase the digestible quality of the bread.

The bread is then stone-baked and left to cool for a few hours. As the bread cools down, the crumb continues to develop its characteristic flavour and texture.

And there you have it: Just Bread!

Storage Tips

If stored as recommended, Just Bread will keep for over a week.

To slow the crumb from drying out, we recommend that you cover the cut end with a non-porous material (tin foil for example) and place back it in the original packaging. Store with the cut end down in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. After a couple of days, transfer the remaining loaf to a bag or container that will still allow it to breath somewhat. This is also when the bread makes fantastic toast, especially if you toast it slowly and evenly.

If you wish to eat it without toasting, slice it quite thinly and then pop it in the toaster for a very short while until the surface is just slightly crispy. This adds a whole new dimension to, say, sandwiches as the bread now has a soft chewy texture with a touch of nutty flavour.

Refrigeration is not recommended as it speeds up the tightening of the gluten and the bread will lose its natural, springy texture much quicker.

Freezing & Defrosting

You can also either freeze the whole loaf or slice it before freezing. Place something between each slice so that it is easier to separate when needed.

To restore the softness of the crumb with a just-out-of-the-oven texture, place the whole loaf in a microwave oven and heat it on high for 3-4 minutes, depending on your microwave. Then, leave it on a cooling rack to cool down completely before cutting.

If you are defrosting a slice, then the toaster is the best place. Set it on the defrost cycle (or the lowest heat setting if your toaster does not have one) and leave the slice in for short while to warm up without being toasted.

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News & Events

We are supplying to The Olive Tree

You can now find our bread in The Olive Tree, a local organic shop, twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Their address is 152 Willesden Lane Kilburn London NW6 7TH.

Queen's Park Day

13th September 2015


Another year, another fantastic day at Queen's Park Day! Special thanks to everyone who bought bread and marmalade from us. Hope you enjoy the lovely products made with quality ingredients and care. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

Find out more about the event here.

Real Bread Campaign

We are part of the Real Bread Campaign which is dedicated to encourage more people to eat better bread. Click on the image below to find out more about what their definition of real bread is.