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Naturally Leavened Bread

We're now delivering in London NW6 area on Tuesdays and Fridays!

If you'd like to have fresh bread delivered to your door, please place your order via the Contact page or twitter 3 days in advance. This allows our bread the time to develop its full flavour and goodness.

For Tuesday delivery, please order by Friday night. For Friday delivery, please order by Monday night.

Collection may also be possible between 8am and 9am or 1pm and 5pm if you live very locally. Please contact us to find out more.

    2 large wholemeal ovals @ £7.00
    Additional large wholemeal oval @ £3.00
    2 Small wholemeal ovals @ £4.20
    Additional Small wholemeal oval @ £1.60
  • LARGE WHITE OVAL LOAF (600g) @ £3.50
    2 large white ovals @£7.00
    Additional large white oval @ £3.00
  • SMALL WHITE OVAL LOAF (300g) @ £2.10
    2 small white ovals @ £4.20
    Additional small white oval @ £1.60
  • WHOLEMEAL BÂTARD (300g) @ £2.20
    2 wholemeal bȃtards @ £4.40
    Additional wholemeal bȃtard @ £1.70
  • WHITE BÂTARD (300g) @ £2.20
    2 white bȃtards @ £2.40
    Additional white bȃtard @ £1.70
  • WHOLEMEAL BAGUETTE (300g) @ £2.30
    2 wholemeal baguettes @ £4.60
    Additional wholemeal baguette @ £1.90
  • WHITE BAGUETTE (300g) @ £2.30
    2 white baguettes @ £2.30
    Additional white baguette @ £1.90

Prices include delivery, subject to change.

Take a quick look at how the delicious loaves are made:

Bread Making Class coming soon...

We're planning to run one-to-one classes or sessions for a small group of up to 3.

To sign up or register your interest, please email

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News & Events

We are supplying to The Olive Tree

You can now find our bread in The Olive Tree, a local organic shop, twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Their address is 152 Willesden Lane Kilburn London NW6 7TH.

Queen's Park Day

13th September 2015


Another year, another fantastic day at Queen's Park Day! Special thanks to everyone who bought bread and marmalade from us. Hope you enjoy the lovely products made with quality ingredients and care. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

Find out more about the event here.

Real Bread Campaign

We are part of the Real Bread Campaign which is dedicated to encourage more people to eat better bread. Click on the image below to find out more about what their definition of real bread is.